Evolutionary transformation of the human and emergence of the new species

Evolutionary transformation of the human and emergence of the new species

Mankind of Earth evolution scheme. Fourth big circle.

In our previous talks* we considered in detail the psychophysically significant stages of the Way of Conscious Spiritual Evolution. Today we are going to sum it up, focusing on the key turning points of the evolutionary process and the effect of the Descending Evolutionary Energy on the body and consciousness of the seeker, a person sincerely following the Way of Conscious Spiritual Evolution. To make it more visual, I have prepared several schemes that show a human being and the evolutionary changes he experiences step by step.

Until now I have not been able to clearly distinguish and describe the psychophysical features of the new state following the complete formation of the new (vibrational) body and attainment of total energy transparency. Although everything was clear in theory, my own experience was incomplete. During the past month and a half the feeling of total energy transparency has become stable, so now it can be described. At last we can present the full picture of individual evolutionary dynamics in the people of the Fifth Root Human Race on the ascending arc of evolution.

We will examine, point by point, the evolutionary dynamics as seen in the consciousness and body of a person aspiring towards Truth who has finally chosen the Way of Conscious Evolution and has started working towards its realisation.

Figures 1-3

First point — Establishing initial contact with the descending Evolutionary Energy (fig.1)

It is a period in the evolutionary history of the Earth that all planetary structures — human beings, animals, plants and minerals — experience an intensively increasing pressure of the descending Evolutionary Energy. The mankind of Earth, having completely entered the ascending arc of evolution, is going to face radical transmutational changes that will provide for the appearance of the people of the Sixth Root Race — the seed of the new mankind on Earth — among the people of the current Fifth Root Race.

What is the effect of the spatial Evolutionary Energy on the consciousness of the seeker and what is its purpose?

It is important to note that an intensity of the Evolutionary Energy exists in every single point of space, or what can be called the General Psycho-Vibrational Field. As we have discussed before, the General Psycho-Vibrational Field consists of an infinite number of infinitesimal energy points that pulsate infinitely fast from zero to infinity.

At whatever angle our body is to the ground, there is always a spot above our head that can be the source of descending Evolutionary Energy for us, the Energy that descends into our body through the top-head energy centre. The gateway for the descending Energy is the top of our head. No matter where we are or in what position — standing, sitting, lying or moving — there is always an inexhaustible source of Evolutionary Energy above us. No matter where we are — at home, in the subway or on a plane, no matter in what country or spot of the globe we are, the source is always there.

So what blocks the natural descent of the Energy into our consciousness? (Note that it is only natural on the ascending arc of evolution.) If we observe the operation of our mind, we discover in our own experience that the descent of the Energy is blocked by thoughts and desires that infinitely occupy our mind in turns, blocking the channel that links us with this Energy. If not obstructed by thoughts and desires, the descending Energy can enter the human consciousness as a matter of natural flow. But as long as this chaos in our mind is the norm, the gateway for the descent of the Evolutionary Energy is closed, and we (especially our long-suffering body) remain a stagnant swamp in terms of energy circulation, housing a host of illnesses, the germs of aging and death itself. We can only become a flow-through system if we consciously open to the downward energy stream.

The only way to establish conscious contact with the Evolutionary Energy is to silence our mind, at least for a while. Given the slightest time gap between our thoughts, the Evolutionary Energy can enter our body literally drop by drop to carry out the work of transformation. To establish initial contact with the descending Evolutionary Energy, we recommend active downward meditative practice and/or prayer — there are no other effective means of stopping our mind. Prayerful being in God, prayerful being in the Divine means silence of the mind as well. Meditation and prayer require no special setting. You can use any spare moment to make your mind silent or pray in your heart, in the temple of your own body. There is no other way to establish contact with the descending Energy — only prayer and/or meditation. Any other means, any psychoenergetic training courses and methods of opening spatial energy (any other means whatsoever, regardless of the imposing names they’re given), firstly, have nothing to do with the Way of Conscious Spiritual Evolution we recommend; secondly, pose extreme danger to people with a delicate psychological disposition, and thirdly, evoke an illusion of achievement by merely stirring up energies inside the body.

Initial contact with the descending Evolutionary Energy is established almost immediately after the seeker starts working on the Way of Conscious Spiritual Evolution. It usually happens during active meditation or sincere prayer. A physically perceptible descending energy flow, accompanied by a characteristic noise (or a high-pitched tone) in the head, penetrates the seeker’s consciousness in small portions when it is free of thoughts and desires. When it happens, the cells of the body may experience warmth or slight vibrational quivering. These sensations are extremely important for the seeker: he confirms that he is moving in the right direction and his confidence in the Way he has chosen grows stronger. A mind free of thought becomes a conductor for the descending Energy.

Thus, regular meditative practice and prayer help establish working contact with the descending Evolutionary Energy. A little stream starts trickling, and the channel through which the Energy descends into the seeker’s body grows wider. That is the first phase of acquiring the Holy Spirit or the Divine Power.

Second point — Establishing working contact with the descending Evolutionary Energy and opening of the main energy centres (fig. 2)

It takes different time for every seeker to establish working contact with the descending Evolutionary Energy, but in the end practically everyone who follows all our recommendations correctly, establishes the contact quite fast (in one or two months’ time).

After working contact with the descending Energy is established, the seeker may notice a stable ringing noise in the head. Sometimes there is a light vibratory warmth spreading over the body. The body’s energies awake. Making its way downward, the Evolutionary Energy opens the main energy centres (chakras) that have been severely deformed, dormant or half asleep until now, which made their balanced and harmonious operation impossible.

In this connection we would like to warn you again that any methods of opening the chakras through creating energy vortices or other ways of handling energy, ancient or modern, have nothing to do with Spiritual Evolution and are extremely dangerous for your physical and mental health as they may cause irreversible deformations in subtle as well as physical energy structures.

Working in each of the energy centres, the descending Evolutionary Energy evokes typical symptoms that allow us to trace its current position. Headache and noise in the ears, cough and tickling in the throat, heart rhythm disruption, unpleasant sensations in the solar plexus area, pain in the lower back and around the tailbone — these are the consecutive symptoms that typically reflect the work of the descending Energy in the chakras. Temporary aggravation of latent and past chronic diseases is also possible, as the descending Energy rushes to the weak spots of our body in order to mend them. These effects are not something to be scared of — on the contrary, it is an important positive sign that the initial stage of the evolutionary process is on course.

When working contact with the descending Energy is interrupted for some reason, the seeker feels uncomfortable on the cellular level. The cells of the body that have already tasted Divine Energy feel ill at ease when they lose contact with it. The descending flow can be re-established using meditation or prayer; however, if the flow won’t restore, it means our body has received as much energy as it can assimilate for the time being, and further contact with it may not be safe.

As the Evolutionary Energy descends from one energy centre to another, it opens up and widens the main energy channel, which branches into a multitude of thin and still barely penetrable horizontal channels. From time to time, a slight energy flow trickles through these channels to the periphery of the body, producing a feeling of warmth and vibratory trembling on the cellular level. During these periods the seeker rests in vibratory peace and comfort. It becomes obvious for him that the descending Energy can heal and harmonise the whole body.

The main task for the seeker is to continue with meditative practice and/or sincere prayer, entirely trusting the Divine Power he has discovered. It is also necessary to be watchful and keep the active consciousness unperturbed. Everything that happens in us, all the transformation is done solely by the Evolutionary Energy — we should take a back seat. Our only task is to open to it and stay mindful to make sure we don’t get in its way. It does all the rest without our participation. While opening to it is relatively simple, not getting in its way is much more difficult. The one thing that can obstruct its work is our mind — always rushing, doubting the results and analysing everything.

In the process of collective evolution, the Evolutionary Energy dragged the human out from the animal kingdom and raised him to the mental level without his conscious assistance. Today, with our conscious participation, it will raise us to a newer stage of evolution, the supramental level. This is beyond doubt — you just need to open up to it.

Can the man of today — a dwarf thinking himself a giant — solve the problem of Eternal Life with his pathetic occult means and vain scientific efforts? Some self-confident individuals, modestly proclaiming themselves “saviours of mankind”, are naive enough to think that they can. They propose using various numerical codes, matrices and magic spells, believing that they conduct the Will of the Lord. The lord of chaos, yes. Sadly, there are credulous people who fall for these promises. Poor little ones — but let God be the judge.

Third point — Awakening of the Kundalini energy (fig. 3)

Eventually, working contact with the descending Energy becomes more or less stable. The central energy channel is cleared; the main energy centres are open, their function is harmonised. Now the descending flow starts working in the energy centre at the base of the spine, where the sleeping Kundalini energy is coiled up like a snake.

In the earliest prehistoric times, when mankind was descending into Matter on the descending arc of evolution, the ascending Kundalini energy had a very important constructive function — it was involved in the formation of the subtle and physical bodies of the human and thus connected him with various planes of consciousness. When the Earth entered a period of energy calm (which happened in the times of the Fourth Root Race — the race of Atlantis), the ascending flow faded away completely, and the Kundalini energy coiled up into a ball in the energy centre at the base of the spine, to lie there for some time. Now, on the ascending arc of evolution, it is to come back into play.

When the descending Evolutionary Energy begins its work in the bottom energy centre, it is usually accompanied by throbbing pain in the tailbone area. It is the Energy drilling the most material chakra in our body, where the Kundalini energy is coiled up. As Kundalini is being awakened, vibrations seem to “boil up” at the base of the spine. From time to time the vibrations go up along the spine, reaching the navel, the solar plexus, then the heart. After reaching a certain point, the vibratory activity fades for a while.

This process may take months. It prepares the final rise of the Kundalini energy that will completely remove the energy plug in the chakra at the top of the head so that the individual consciousness of the seeker may emerge from the bounds of the physical body into the space above the head, into the Universal Consciousness, the so-called Nirvana. Look how it all works to a purpose! This is a natural process of evolutionary transformation, soft and normal, without any physical or mental distress. The descending energy enters our body in such portions and quantity and with such an intensity that is necessary for steady constructive work at every given moment. It is not our business to dictate to this Force, to spur the evolutionary process or to eagerly wait for a result. Our task is to trust and open to the descending flow and make sure we don’t get in its way.

The Energy, this Creative Power does its work of transformation inasmuch the person is open, ready and able to assimilate the descending energy. Our part is to be co-creators and not more. Any interference in the natural course of the process (driven by our desire to enhance it in some way or accelerate it) may lead to persistent and sometimes irreversible energetic deformations. The human energy system is very sensitive and can be unbalanced very easily by any sort of interference.

I have seen such deformations in people damaged at psycho-energetic training courses. Even if these people began working on the Way of Conscious Spiritual Evolution, they would have no progress or the evolutionary process would be very slow and painful. Think about the possible disastrous consequences before giving yourself into the hands of psycho-energetic profiteers.

* This talk was held in Moscow on 22 February 2004. I had been following the Way of Conscious Spiritual Evolution for 13 years by then.

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